Our Motto

Others Before Self  | Otros Antes De Uno Mismo | 先人后己

ILTexas Autism Awareness Walk group photo

At International Leadership of Texas, the concept of servant leadership is incorporated in the classroom for all students. Students are taught 14 leadership and character traits that empower students to overcome challenges and create a better, and more productive society in which to live and work. 

Every year, all students in grades K-12 put their lessons into action in a student-led service-learning project named after our motto, “Others Before Self.” With minimal help from teachers, the students are responsible for the entire process—from brainstorming, research, and choosing an idea to planning, organizing, and executing the service project that gives back to their community.

The goal of Others Before Self is to provide opportunities for our students to develop leadership skills of research, organization, advocacy, communication, public speaking, teamwork, planning, execution, and reflective evaluation to become conscious, thoughtful, and effective leaders in their community and world.